dragon daud (dragondaud) wrote,
dragon daud

great american blood poisoning ...

From the It's Not Just for Kids Anymore department I bring you more death by blood alcohol poisoning. As if we hadnt seen enough college kids die recently from blood alcohol poisoning, I got first hand experience with it on Saturday night when a middle-aged man died in my cab, while riding with his wife and another couple.

I had originally picked the four of them up at the GABF, and taken them to a bar for more drinking when the festival ended. Their kids were all at home, and they had downtown hotel rooms for the night. The night was for partying it up!

They didnt stay at the martini bar I took them to very long, but I'd given them my card so they could call for a ride when they were ready to BarHop. I raced over, and brought them to another bar. Everybody was happy, buzzed and tipsy.

There was still traffic puring out of the convention center, so I continued to return to the GABF cab-stand to bring drunks home. Sometime later, while I was bringing home a particular drunk who the DPD had loaded into my cab, the group called again. It was time to go back to the Hotel they said. I let them know I was 10 minutes away, and they said that was perfect. Immediately after dropping off the drunk, who incidentally left his GABF cup in my cab, I raced back downtown.

I didnt see my group right away when I arrived, and so I called them back on the number they had called me from. They were there, but they were huddled around somebody passed out on a bench ... one of their party, passed out on the bench. *sigh*

They explained he'd apparently had one drink to many, and had passed out ... and now it was time to go home. Except, while they were carrying him to the car I noticed he was -completely- non-responsive. I checked his pulse, and noted it was strong and he was breathing ... His wife was getting somewhat hysterical already when an EMT walking by checked his vitals and suggested getting him to the hospital right away because his breathing was erratic. This news sent his wife over the edge, and it took almost as long to get her into the car so we could be on our way as it did to actually get to the hospital.

The whole trip his wife was holding him and telling him everything was going to be OK, that he'd just had a little to much to drink and going to the hospital was just a precaution. She never noticed that he had stopped breathing in transit. Upon arrival, the other couple went into the hospital thinking they'd just get a wheelchair to bring him into the emergency room where they'd wait, just like everybody else.

Hospitals dont work that way ... and they sent out a tech to check on the guy. As the tech walked up, I informed him that the guy was passed out and completely non-responsive. He asked, nobody in particular, if the guy was diabetic, and was answered "no". The tech checked the guy briefly, then immediately pushed the wife aside and laid the guy down and started pounding on his chest, in an apparent attempt to revive him.

The hysterical wife got even more so now, and had to be physically dragged out of the cab so they could continue CPR. When the gurney arrived, they transfered him from the cab and raced him inside, while continuing to perform CPR and while the guy continued not to breath ...

I left at that point, after offering my sympathies and best wishes for a good outcome.

I tired to go back to work, since there was still plenty of money to be made this night, but was to shaken by the experience and ended up going home to relax.
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