dragon daud (dragondaud) wrote,
dragon daud

long time no see ...

howdy folks. i'v been mostly offline for a couple months. like anybody cares?
trying to kick off a new ISP after being ousted from my own company really dug me deep into a hole of financial and emotional kaos. it didnt help that my resources were being further drained by a deadbeat roommate. he is now gone, and apparently called off our friendship as well. *sigh*
needing a source of income and recognizing that working for somebody else was just not an option, i took up driving a taxi cab a couple of months ago. that gives me the freedom to work as many or as few hours as I want, as an independent contractor answering to nobody but the law.
long hours driving bring in a decent amount of money, and a unique opportunity to socialize with strangers, a skill that I could always use more practice in. as long as one can let go of being in a hurry, it is relatively stress free, too. occasionally you get a deadbeat, but so far I'v been safe from assault or robbery. *knock*knock* on wood.
i'l be trying to post more updates here as I get my life back on track.
hope to see some of you this Friday for ART@ART: MASSACRE (in honor of the thousands of protesters who gave their lives 15 years ago in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China).
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