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house warming 01/15/05   
04:20am 11/01/2005
  We'r having a small gathering this saturday night, 01-15-05, at El Piro Castillo to celebrate my new roommate Oolotronic getting settled in here. If you have never been here, please email me for directions. If neither Oolotronic nor myself know you then you are not invited. Thanks. If you have any extra firewood, please bring it or something else to share (libation, etc), and dont forget your drum. See you here! :)  
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ART@ART January 7th, 2005   
04:20am 06/01/2005
  ART @ ART: Be Art, See Art.
Denver's 1st Friday Art Tour
Friday, January 7th

This month's theme is: PSYCHE
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what bush really thinks of you   
04:20am 29/10/2004

Video downloaded from Free Speeches.
04:20am 22/10/2004

Experience Halloween with the MOTOMAN PROJECT's first blood and gore machine performance.

October 31st



@ Revoluciones: 3519 N. Brighton, Denver

11+ performers on 3 stages.
now HERE is a product!   
04:20am 21/10/2004
Inventor Mitch Altman holds up his new keychain gadget "TV-B-Gone" which lets people turn off most TVs anywhere.
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04:20am 20/10/2004
  What do you suppose President Bush thinks the word liberal means?

He seems to use it as a derogatory, apparently thinking the people should be repressed rather than helped. Why would anybody vote for somebody against the basic ideas of "Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry." and "Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded."?

One would think some sort of education would be a requirement to be electable to public office ... at least grade school. Maybe bush's lack of education explains why he sat silent in grade school with the other little kids while the WTC was falling?
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great american blood poisoning ...   
04:20am 03/10/2004
  From the It's Not Just for Kids Anymore department I bring you more death by blood alcohol poisoning. As if we hadnt seen enough college kids die recently from blood alcohol poisoning, I got first hand experience with it on Saturday night when a middle-aged man died in my cab, while riding with his wife and another couple.

I had originally picked the four of them up at the GABF, and taken them to a bar for more drinking when the festival ended. Their kids were all at home, and they had downtown hotel rooms for the night. The night was for partying it up!

They didnt stay at the martini bar I took them to very long, but I'd given them my card so they could call for a ride when they were ready to BarHop. I raced over, and brought them to another bar. Everybody was happy, buzzed and tipsy.

There was still traffic puring out of the convention center, so I continued to return to the GABF cab-stand to bring drunks home. Sometime later, while I was bringing home a particular drunk who the DPD had loaded into my cab, the group called again. It was time to go back to the Hotel they said. I let them know I was 10 minutes away, and they said that was perfect. Immediately after dropping off the drunk, who incidentally left his GABF cup in my cab, I raced back downtown.

I didnt see my group right away when I arrived, and so I called them back on the number they had called me from. They were there, but they were huddled around somebody passed out on a bench ... one of their party, passed out on the bench. *sigh*

They explained he'd apparently had one drink to many, and had passed out ... and now it was time to go home. Except, while they were carrying him to the car I noticed he was -completely- non-responsive. I checked his pulse, and noted it was strong and he was breathing ... His wife was getting somewhat hysterical already when an EMT walking by checked his vitals and suggested getting him to the hospital right away because his breathing was erratic. This news sent his wife over the edge, and it took almost as long to get her into the car so we could be on our way as it did to actually get to the hospital.

The whole trip his wife was holding him and telling him everything was going to be OK, that he'd just had a little to much to drink and going to the hospital was just a precaution. She never noticed that he had stopped breathing in transit. Upon arrival, the other couple went into the hospital thinking they'd just get a wheelchair to bring him into the emergency room where they'd wait, just like everybody else.

Hospitals dont work that way ... and they sent out a tech to check on the guy. As the tech walked up, I informed him that the guy was passed out and completely non-responsive. He asked, nobody in particular, if the guy was diabetic, and was answered "no". The tech checked the guy briefly, then immediately pushed the wife aside and laid the guy down and started pounding on his chest, in an apparent attempt to revive him.

The hysterical wife got even more so now, and had to be physically dragged out of the cab so they could continue CPR. When the gurney arrived, they transfered him from the cab and raced him inside, while continuing to perform CPR and while the guy continued not to breath ...

I left at that point, after offering my sympathies and best wishes for a good outcome.

I tired to go back to work, since there was still plenty of money to be made this night, but was to shaken by the experience and ended up going home to relax.
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04:20pm 23/09/2004
mood: mourning

Nancy June Denney
Born in Holdenville, OK on Sep. 18, 1940
Departed on Sep. 18, 2004 and resided in Harrah, OK.

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04:20am 18/09/2004
  While driving my cab 2nite, at about 0130, I received a call from my brother Christopher. He had just heard from our brother Adam that our mom was in Intensive Care and in bad shape. I was very shaken by the news, and went home after stopping in at my brothers' house. I found myself unable to sleep and restless, wishing there was something I could do for her. She was 700 miles away, in Oklahoma, and even if I were there I could do nothing. Hours passed. The phone rang around 0400. Christopher again. She didnt make it. Internal bleeding. Complications from surgery. We'r driving down tomorrow.  
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blm ticket   
04:20am 13/09/2004
While working on the bus, getting it ready to be able to bring it to the DMV (Dept of Mutant Vehicles) to get a 'art car' permit, I was given a ticket by the BLM. The bus was parked across from our camp, and had not been 'operated' since the event began on Monday. The ticket says "operating vehicle on playa" but I was not operating it; it was just parked and being beautified and transformed into a rocket ship.

We -did- later receive our 'art car' permit, and you are allowed to drive to the DMV for inspection without a permit, but no other operation without said permit. Apparently parking equals operating in the eyes of the BLM, who now are enforcing Federal Laws, as well as BRC "rules" in whatever way they wish to interpret them. :(

To deal with the ticket I can either mail them $100 right away or wait for them to mail me a court date, and then show up in Reno for trial. *sigh*

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04:20am 10/09/2004

we'r back from burningman, and I had a great time. after I'm done dusting off and re-adjusting to life in *this* world, I'l post more about my adventure.
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1 week and counting ...   
04:20pm 20/08/2004

The man burns in 15 days as of Friday, August 20th. We leave for Black Rock City in one short week. I'l be camping in Image Node, at 8:30 on the Esplanade. See you all at home.
04:20am 02/06/2004
  recently a feral cat had a litter in my back yard. i captured the mama and got her spayed to prevent future litters. then I captured her kittens and having been caring for them and trying to tame them. they are pretty well tamed now, and ready to be adopted! if you or anybody you know might like to give a cute kitten a home, please contact me! click the kitten for more details and pass that link on! thanks :)  
long time no see ...   
04:20am 01/06/2004
  howdy folks. i'v been mostly offline for a couple months. like anybody cares?
trying to kick off a new ISP after being ousted from my own company really dug me deep into a hole of financial and emotional kaos. it didnt help that my resources were being further drained by a deadbeat roommate. he is now gone, and apparently called off our friendship as well. *sigh*
needing a source of income and recognizing that working for somebody else was just not an option, i took up driving a taxi cab a couple of months ago. that gives me the freedom to work as many or as few hours as I want, as an independent contractor answering to nobody but the law.
long hours driving bring in a decent amount of money, and a unique opportunity to socialize with strangers, a skill that I could always use more practice in. as long as one can let go of being in a hurry, it is relatively stress free, too. occasionally you get a deadbeat, but so far I'v been safe from assault or robbery. *knock*knock* on wood.
i'l be trying to post more updates here as I get my life back on track.
hope to see some of you this Friday for ART@ART: MASSACRE (in honor of the thousands of protesters who gave their lives 15 years ago in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China).
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"Lunokhod" Russian Lunar Rover, circa 1970   
04:20pm 12/02/2004
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Throbbing Gristle   
03:15pm 10/02/2004
  Throbbing Gristle will be reuniting for a one-off performance at RE-TG, a three day "Celebration of Industrial Musics in the 21st Century" taking place at Camber Sands Holiday Resort near Rye, England on 14th - 16th May 2004.

In addition to appearing together on the closing night of the festival, all four members of TG are scheduled to perform sets by their current projects (Coil, Thee Majesty, Carter Tutti), and many guests will also be on the bill including Matmos, Black Dice, Scanner, Richard H. Kirk, Pan sonic, Merzbow, People Like Us, Thighpaulsandra and more.

WOWIE. must be time to get me a passport ...
Just Say 'No' to Record Labels   
09:09am 30/01/2004
  CANNES, France -- Rock veterans Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno are launching a provocative new musicians' alliance that would cut against the industry grain by letting artists sell their music online instead of only through record labels.

They call the plan the "Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists" -- or MUDDA, which has a less lofty ring to it.
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More details about Kaos OnLine Coalition shutting down   
03:15pm 29/01/2004
  Kaos OnLine Coalition (KOC) is shutting down. KOC does not own any of its equipment, and is effectively bankrupt. I am going to continue offering some services, for-profit, as Kaos OnLine (with no Coalition) using some of the equipment I had loaned to KOC. KOC never paid any salaries, and could never afford to pay all of its bills. Sources of funding to subsidize KOC have all dried up, so we'r at the end.

All access services will shut down on January 31st. There will be some disruption of hosting services as we move things around and vacate our offices. If you receive access services from KOC and have not yet talked to ViaWest, PLEASE call Tanya Tanem at 303-407-4745 to make arrangements so you do not experience a service interruption. If you do not get thru to her, you can try their general number at 720-891-1000.

I will be offering free email forwarding of your @kaosol.net email address to anywhere you wish for anybody that requests it. This will be for as long as I am able, which should be forever.

I will also continue to host any domains that were hosted here as part of your Access account for up to 2 months at no charge. After that you will need to have either moved your domain elsewhere or convert your account to a 'shell' account for $13/month which includes hosting for DNS, WWW and email.

ViaWest is not able to absorb all the liability of pre-paid accounts, but they are doing their best. If you do not feel like you are getting the deal you wish, PLEASE call Tanya Tanem at 303-407-4745 and she will try to assist you. Anybody is is not given their entire pre-paid time by ViaWest and feels they are owed a refund should contact me directly. I will try to make good on any short comings, but I will need some time to get back on my feet.

Please eMail me if you have any questions.

Thank You all for your time, and your support over the years. Best wishes to each and every one of you, and I am very sorry for any hassles this caused any of you.

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Re: Kaos OnLine Coalition shutting down Access services   
09:00am 27/01/2004
  Kaos OnLine Coalition has signed an agreement with ViaWest <http://viawest.net/> to take over providing service for Kaos OnLine members. They will be contacting each active member to smoothly transition your accounts over to Viawest's published products and services. As mentioned previously, you need to have cancled your service before now to avoid having your account details handed over to them.

ViaWest will be making arrangements on a case-by-case basis with those of you that have pre-paid accounts. After dealing with them on the issue, if you still feel you are owed a refund, please contact me directly to work out a payment plan.

Thank You to everybody, and sorry we did not make it.

who can kill a general in his bed...   
10:10am 23/01/2004
  fucking aye man, CIA MAN!

A friend played this song for me a long time ago, and it stuck in my head. This morning, while dealing with a down machine far to early in the morning, I started humming "CIA Man" again, after all these years ... of course I needed to track a copy down, which took all of three minutes ... enjoy! :)

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