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ART@ART January 7th, 2005

ART @ ART: Be Art, See Art.
Denver's 1st Friday Art Tour
Friday, January 7th

This month's theme is: PSYCHE

ART@ART -is- art. Each month expression is encouraged to convey a theme through costume, performance, music or any other media. Your 100% participation is necessary for this project to succeed. It is asked that participants familiarize themselves with the theme, and choose a mode of expression to illustrate it.

PLEASE HELP KEEP THE CROWD IN CONTROL, and encourage people who are not participating in our theme to come back next month instead of crowding the bus with spectators.

Your $5 recommended donation is appreciated and helps cover the expense of continuing ART@ART as well as the higher cost of the eco-friendly Biodiesel fuel that powers our bus. 8^)

5:30pm: Pickup behind The Other Side Arts (1644 Platte Street) http://theothersidearts.com/ (their calendar does not list an opening)

7:30pm: Pickup at Andenken Gallery (2110 Market St) http://andenken.com/ (their calendar does not list an opening)

Please pass this notice on to all who may be interested, and be sure they understand the artistic nature of our event as participation is -required-.

To sign up for the list send email to ArtAtArt-request@fuckup.org with the word 'subscribe' in the body, or visit:


peace & thanks!

PS: Anybody wishing to contribute to ART@ART by DJ'ing, VJ'ing, performing or creating an installation in or on the bus should contact me directly.

dragon daud <daud AT pagan DOT net>
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