dragon daud (dragondaud) wrote,
dragon daud

blm ticket

While working on the bus, getting it ready to be able to bring it to the DMV (Dept of Mutant Vehicles) to get a 'art car' permit, I was given a ticket by the BLM. The bus was parked across from our camp, and had not been 'operated' since the event began on Monday. The ticket says "operating vehicle on playa" but I was not operating it; it was just parked and being beautified and transformed into a rocket ship.

We -did- later receive our 'art car' permit, and you are allowed to drive to the DMV for inspection without a permit, but no other operation without said permit. Apparently parking equals operating in the eyes of the BLM, who now are enforcing Federal Laws, as well as BRC "rules" in whatever way they wish to interpret them. :(

To deal with the ticket I can either mail them $100 right away or wait for them to mail me a court date, and then show up in Reno for trial. *sigh*

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